Last Meeting

Our lesson today, April 3, is on LP 6. We sang the song Becky (to the sound of Bingo), and to start off easy, we read the wordless picture Masayang Maglaro sa Ulan. I asked her to interpret the story for me and she understood it well. Then I allowed her to color two pages of the picture because she really enjoys coloring.

The second activity was to group the pictures I had printed out into four groups depending on the starting letter of the picture – m, a, s, or l. But before we did that, I first asked her to identify the names of the picture and write down the words. She have always had a hard time with writing down words and identifying letters so I focused the whole of the session in this part of the activity.

She had a harder time on words that ends with consonants, such as manok, atis, sapatos, araw, and mansanas, because of her preconception that syllables always end in vowels. I tried to correct that throughout the lesson. It took us a longer time on this part than expected because aside from that, she still does not know all the letters of the alphabet. When she stops writing for a while, I try to mouth the next letter that she needs. When she still doesn’t know, I let her write letters on another part of the paper and I tell her whether she’s right or not. Some of the letters that she wasn’t familiarized still are w, k, l, t, and b. For every correct word that she gets, I put a check mark beside it and that gets her working on the following words. Compared to last week’s session, she was willing to listen more and was more confident in writing.

After writing down, we proceeded with grouping the words. I asked her to paste picture under the column with which the word starts. When she finished, she mostly got the correct answers. Misplaced were the pictures of the sapatos, sala, and libro. When I asked her again to group the words, she then got them right after naming the pictures.

As the last activity, I let her color the wordless picture again to relieve the stress from all the words. Then, we finished the session as most of the other tutees were also finished with theirs. This was the last meeting that I had with Pamela as I was absent the next meeting, April 17, and she did not attend anymore after that.

From the very first few sessions, I guess I went easy on her a little more. We had fewer activities before that required her to write down words, only letters, and when she was stuck, I helped her more. On the last few meetings, the things that needed more improvement was much more apparent; she first needs to know the basics, like the alphabet. Though we spent about three meetings focusing on her writing, she still needs a lot of improvement but her confidence in writing increased. Compared to the first sessions, she was more attentive to the lesson but also more lively.

I hope that all the meetings that we had helped her and by next year, she will already know how to read and write. 😀



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